L'intérêt d'un site web

Having a website

Many companies wonder about the value of a website. Yet in the digital age, and today more than ever, having an online presence is essential.

A good first impression

A website is the digital showcase of your business. Investing in this tool will make you stand out and put you in the digital public square, allowing you to reach more people than ever before. A website will answer your customers' questions and engage them to get in touch with you. In addition, you can easily control contact information, schedules, and address information for your business, reassuring your potential customers about how to contact you.

Online presence

Most people will try to find out about you and your business by doing research online before they travel. Being high on the search results is key to staying ahead of the competition. A website is the digital showcase of your business, accessible anytime and anywhere, hence the need to be attractive. Don't pass by a customer looking for you.


A business that never sleeps will allow your customers to shop in your shop at any time from their home, leaving you to handle their orders. What's more, you can easily display the items of your choice as you would in a traditional shop.


Having a website will increase your notoriety. Many people say they do not trust a company that does not have a website. A website will help you to highlight your experience and better position your company on the market.

Extremely flexible

A website is very flexible: from a simple portfolio to a sales site, via a news site, you can easily model your site according to your needs.

Conquer your customers

With the help of your website and tools such as: visit statistics, social networks, newsletters and targeted advertising campaigns, you will be able to better know and inform your customers at a lower cost. In addition, you can easily update and adapt the content of your site without any technical knowledge via an administration panel.

Be accompanied

To put all this in place, it is important to be accompanied by a qualified team in order to create a site that is relevant, easy to use and adapted to current technologies. Mon Atelier Web, rather SME and self-employed oriented, offers you a personalised accompaniment, adapted to your needs and your budget.